Our Learner Profile service is a unique combination of analysis, program development, and hands-on parent training and is offered to families who are seeking guidance in the development and implementation of their child’s intervention services.

There is a need for a conceptual framework to guide assessment and intervention, to determine what exactly a child needs to learn, and in what order. Often times, a comprehensive assessment has not been conducted which leads to the selection of inappropriate and out of sequence treatment goals and objectives. If children do not have a strong foundation skill set and if language and learning barriers have not been identified, this will impede the child’s progress.

First, we will identify the skills of your child. It is important to know what your child can do.  Second, we will identify any language, social, behavioral, and learning barriers that are impeding progress as it is also important to know what they can’t do and analyze why they can’t do it. Once the language and learning barriers have been identified, we will develop evidence-based strategies to remediate these barriers.

Prior to the appointment, parents provide background information on their child by submitting written materials (e.g., reports, data, questionnaires) and videotape to our office. Our clinical staff reviews the child’s information and discusses the critical targets for intervention prior to the scheduled appointment. The preliminary stages of our intake process are necessary, as we continually want to ensure that we are able to contribute a valuable level of clinical analysis and program guidance that will be beneficial to the child.

Throughout the visit, skill areas are explored and analyzed through direct activity with the child and additional input is provided through observation and parent feedback. This is an informal process that enables our staff to demonstrate and narrate the main concepts and philosophy of our teaching methodology and the techniques of teaching verbal behavior within an intervention program.

Based on the beginning session, our staff will prioritize the focus and strategy based on the initial analysis of the child’s skill areas in addition to the training needs of the family. Throughout the visit our staff will share, discuss, and exchange impressions with respect to teaching priorities (“what to teach”) as well as strategies and techniques for the actual teaching process (“how to teach”).

Written documentation is provided following the appointment and will include an overview of the child’s skills’ analysis, a description of our recommended language and learning training priorities, and a summary of teaching strategies for implementation. A separate document will outline specific language and learning training objectives.

The Learner Profile evaluation is designed as a comprehensive service package that includes all intake services, pre-session clinical review, 10 hours of evaluation and analysis, a detailed written report, and recommended language and learning objectives.