Little Sprouts Parent Coaching

Little Sprouts Session Appointments

Sessions are available, Monday-Friday during the following times:

Morning 9-11am

Early Afternoon 12-2pm

Late Afternoon 3-5pm

*We are able to adjust the start/finish time by 30 minutes, to try and accommodate each family's needs. However, the set time slots allow us to continually provide this service to as many families as possible. 

Little Sprouts is a short-term, 12-week parent coaching program that teaches parents how to implement Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT*) and Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) teaching strategies with their child. A focus is placed on improving social communication skills, the development of appropriate play skills, and a reduction in challenging behaviors.

This individualized one-on-one program will teach parents how to implement naturalistic, developmental, and behavioral strategies into their everyday interactions with their child. Enabling parents to maximize and create meaningful learning opportunities with their child through routines, such as playing, singing, snack, reading, sensory-social activities, changing/toileting, and bathing.

Parents receive coaching through from the Parent Coach, using a behavioral skills training format, and comprehensive feedback is provided on the parent’s use of their implementation of PRT and ESDM strategies. The Parent Coach will support parents in selecting activities that are both motivating and fun for their child, during which they will practice different PRT and ESDM strategies.

The Parent Coach will come to the parent’s house each week for two hours, over the course of the 12-week program. Little Sprouts is designed to help parents feel comfortable and confident in their ability to implement the strategies to fidelity, providing multiple learning opportunities through different weekly topics, to ensure they can apply the skills learned after the program ends.

    The Little Sprouts program is ideal for families who are on wait lists for long-term services, for families who are concerned about their child's development (no formal diagnosis), for families who have just received the diagnosis, or for families who are looking to increase their skills to facilitate their child’s individual learning needs.

    Enrollment in the Little Sprouts program is on a continual basis, and there are opportunities for morning and afternoon appointments.

    *PRT is an evidence-based intervention that is effective for improving social communication skills and decreasing challenging behaviors in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).