From Home - to Play School - to Preschool.

At Summit, we offer a hybrid model for our 1:1 ABA-ESDM services. What this means, is that we offer services in the home for the child, as well as in our office (known as the ‘Play School’). As we specialize in the treatment of young children with ASD (ages 2-5 years) we find it important to provide services in the child’s home, as this is where they spend the majority of their waking hours. Additionally, we believe that providing a setting where our little ones can work on important social, play, language, and behaviors skills is equally important.

Our Play School is designed as a mock preschool classroom to help prepare our little ones as they work on critical skills that will ensure their success as they transition into preschool. Children receive their ABA-ESDM sessions at the Play School on Tuesdays/Thursdays for their designated therapy times. During their time at the office, they work on the following skills:

  • Transition from activities and items

  • Remain in close proximity with peers, without challenging behaviors

  • Work on sharing and turn taking

  • Use language to interact socially with peers

  • Remain in a group setting for instruction (e.g., lunch, art, circle time, music, etc)

  • Work on waiting skills and accepting no when items are not available, without challenging behaviors

  • Respond to distal and proximal (far-close) pointing to items

  • Respond to bids for joint attention and joint responding

  • Initiate and respond to greetings from others

While their child is receiving ABA-ESDM therapy at the Play School, parents are welcome to enjoy a coffee at our coffee bar, check out and read a book from our parent lending library, or simply drop their child off and run a few errands, and enjoy the peace and quiet of having some much needed ‘alone time.’ We also enjoy watching the parents develop friendships and support systems, while they are hanging out in the waiting room.

Play School Tour

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